8 week SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP - Applications open

Do you frequently think there has to be more to life than this?

Do you feel like you aren’t your best and most authentic self consistently?

Do you feel like you are just living automatically without any purpose or direction?

My true passion is giving you the tools to uncover your own personal practice. We work together to discover what is holding you back you from living your true potential and break through!

The work that we will do together is transformational. You will make positive changes in your life and discover who you truly are. You will grow your personal power, enrich your relationships and self-heal your deepest pain. 

I have spent years writing this program iin order for you to finally discover the self-empowerment that has always lived within you.

 Our program consists of but is not limited to:

  • Asana (vinyasa yoga sequences and poses)

  • Traditional Yogic teachings with modern application

  • Limiting and Negative Core Belief work*

  • Tailored Meditations

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Daily positive rituals + conscious practices

  • Journalling and manifestation

All ages. All bodies. All souls. 

All yogi's - beginner or advanced. 

This is about empowering YOU. 

You will be more productive, inspired, abundant and joyful than ever before. It is your birthright!



"From the very first practice with Kristin, I left her class feeling lighter, relaxed, at peace and full of love. Kristin is sensitive to individual needs. She allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance which helps with my anxiety. She has taught me about self-acceptance and self-love. I look forward to every class with her." 
Amy Sutton, 30 yrs, Nurse.


"I've had the absolute pleasure of being taught by Kris in both group and private classes. Kris is down to earth and teaches Yoga honestly and from the heart. Her immense knowledge of the body and mind enables her to tailor classes and poses to you which lets you get the absolute most out of each practise. I always walk out of her classes feeling beyond awesome! Thanks Kris!"
Nicola Bates, 31 yrs, Stylist


"I have been practicing yoga with Kristin for 6 months now and absolutely love her classes. She brings such a good combination of flow, energy and also relaxation to her classes. I always feel perfectly energised afterwards and have benefited both mentally and physically from her teaching."
- David Jedrzejczyk, 31 yrs, Vision Australia

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Please note: I am not a doctor nor am I a therapist. I aim to offer you information and self awareness exercises of a general nature to help you in your search for love, growth, freedom, understanding and emotional wellbeing. 

*Acknowledgment: The Limiting Core Belief work is derived from the teachings of John Nutting, through his Balancing Core Beliefs program. A lot of what I have learnt and teach has been inspired by John's work, having participated in the program myself and experienced huge transformations. You can find out more about John's work here